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KI Plantation Timbers has agreed to acquire the Forest Investment Trust (FIT) estate on Kangaroo Island, that has been managed by New Forests Asset Management. We will update our landholding and standing timber information once that purchase has been completed. Basic details of the FIT estate are included in our ASX Announcement.

To download a summary of the Company’s existing land holdings, click here: Landholding summary

To download a summary of the Company’s existing timber holdings, click here: Standing-timber

In total, the Company has standing timber assets exceeding 1.3 million cubic metres: approximately 60% softwood and 40% hardwood. By the time the FIT estate purchase has been completed, the Company’s total standing timber is expected to approach 4 million green tonnes. A green tonne (of hardwood) is approximately equivalent to a cubic metre of softwood.

Or look at a map of central and western Kangaroo Island, showing the location of the Company’s current plantations and its proposed wharf site: KIPT Regional 2016

Detailed maps of each plantation are available below. The properties in the first group are radiata pine plantations, including the property called Research, which is also the location of the Company’s sawmill.

Softwood Estate


Hardwood Estate

The properties in the group below are predmoinantly hardwood plantations, although the Lycurgus plantation includes some radiata pine.

KIPT Coopers Couchman_FireMap

Smith Bay Wharf Site

The Company’s other property is the Smith Bay site, which is considered suitable for the development of a log or chip export facility. Its location, on the north coast of Kangaroo Island, is shown on the overall map at the top of this page.

The preliminary design for the deep water wharf at the site can be found in the following four files:

140132-s02-a 140132-s10-a 140132-s11-a 140132-s15-a

Houses and holiday rental

The Company owns a number of houses that are leased to tenants but keeps one seaside 3 bedroom house available for visitors to Kangaroo Island. Please contact us if you are interested in a holiday rental.

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If you would like to inspect the Company’s plantations, please visit this page.


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