On this page, you will find recent media releases, some photographs of our operations and people, and links to stories in the media about Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers. Further information, including ASX Announcements and Financial Reports, can be found in the Shareholders section of the site.


Media releases

12/03/2017 doctype_pdf CBA Finance secured for Smith Bay Wharf
21/02/2017 doctype_pdf Smith Bay wharf a major project
24/10/2016 doctype_pdf Appointment of new director
24/10/2016 doctype_pdf Western KI housing
21/10/2016 doctype_pdf Acquisition of FIT estate and wharf application status
25/09/2016 doctype_pdf Plantation company releases 25m wharf design
14/08/2016 doctype_pdf Environmental work at Smith Bay
18/09/2015 doctype_pdf Director visit
18/09/2015 doctype_pdf Timber mill
18/03/2015 doctype_pdf KIPT’s new directors

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Captions are included in filenames. Further photographs can be found on our Milling page.

Directors Graham Holdaway, Shauna Black, Paul McKenzie, John Sergeant Graham Holdaway
Thinning operations Treatment plant
Brett Haggett - Treatment plant Smith Bay 2
Smith Bay 1 Smith Bay 3
James Brook and David Wiltshire of Social and Ecological Assessment prepare to dive at Smith Bay  Wave and current sensing buoy at Smith Bay Wharf site
Bluegum 1 Aug 16 b Bluegum 1 Aug 16 a
Geotechnical testing at Smith Bay  Premier Rann planting KI bluegums in 2007
directors-shauna-black-and-graham-holdaway-at-ki-field-day-sept-2016 gh-discussing-forestry-and-the-proposed-wharf-with-farmers-and-private-tree-growers-ki-field-day-2016


Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers in the news

Some stories may be behind paywalls.

23/02/2017 The Islander Major Project
20/02/2017  Australian Financial Review State pathway for ‘Roo Island wharf
02/02/2017  The Islander Mitsui sign agreement with KIPT
14/11/2016  Australian Financial Review Kangaroo Island jumps into capital raising for $55m purchase
27/10/2016 The Islander Timber Takeover
28/10/2016  Friday Offcuts $55m Timber deal for KI forestry
22/10/2016 The Advertiser Game change for Kangaroo Island economy
30/09/2016  Friday Offcuts $25m wharf design for plantation company
29/09/2016  The Islander plantation-company-25m-wharf-design
16/05/2016 The Islander Oh buoy! Timber port plans move forward
13/05/2016 The Australian Kangaroo Island commissions sensor buoy
02/02/2016 The Advertiser First wharf step closer
28/01/2015 Daily Telegraph KIPT plans Smith Bay wharf
21/01/2015 The Advertiser Barges may move logs from Kangaroo Island to ships
17/12/2015 The Islander Boost to Island Youth
24/09/2015 The Islander Treatment works start up at Timber Creek Mill
15/09/2015 The Islander Timber port now ‘inevitable’
25/03/2015 The Islander New directors broaden timber board’s skill base
27/02/2014 The Islander Timber company eyes port facility
18/07/2013 The Islander New timber group plays waiting game


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