The Timber Creek Sawmill is located at Parndana on Kangaroo Island and is the only sawmill on the Island. Current high transport costs to mainland markets favour significant value-adding on Kangaroo Island itself. The Company regards the Mill as a strategic investment, especially given the fact that other softwood timber growers on the Island will almost certainly need to process their mature logs through the Company’s facility.

The Mill site is also an ideal place to establish a woody biomass electricity generation facility to supplement the Island’s inadequate supply of electricity from the mainland.

At present, most sections of the mill are in care and maintenance. The post peeler and treatment plant are operating, using plantation thinnings, to produce CCA-preserved fence posts for use on Kangaroo Island and for export to the mainland. This capability will also be able to process pine harvest offcuts.

The main parts of the mill will be re-opened if and when $A sawn timber prices improve. The following pictures are of the mill and finished timber products, from the time when the mill was most recently operating, in 2013.


Raw Logs for ProcessingLogs loaded for processing

Green Mill ProcessingGreen Mill Processing 2

Trailer Being LoadedLoaded trailers

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