Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers Limited is responsible for the Corporate Governance of the Group and is committed to meeting the highest standards of Corporate Governance, business integrity and professionalism with due regard to the interests of all stakeholders.  The Board guides and monitors the business and affairs of Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers Limited on behalf of the shareholders by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable.

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers has adopted the principles and recommendations established by the ASX Corporate Governance Council in its “Principles of Good Corporate Governance & Best Practice Recommendations”.  The Board regularly reviews and updates its Corporate Governance to ensure that they reflect best practice.


Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers recognises the value contributed to the organisation by employing people with varying skills, cultural backgrounds, ethnicity and experience and believes that this diverse workforce is the key to its continued growth, improved productivity and performance.

We actively value and embrace the diversity of our employees and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone is treated equally and fairly, and where discrimination, harassment and inequity are not tolerated.  While Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers is committed to fostering diversity at all levels, gender diversity has been and continues to be a priority for the Group.

To review the Securities Trading Policy, the Company’s response to the Corporate Governance Council’s Recommendations and the Corporate Governance Policies of Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers, please click the links  below. The numbering corresponds to that used by the ASX.

0 KPT CG Statement adopted 21 June 2016

1.1 Board Charter updated 21 June 2016

1.5 Diversity Strategy 21 June 2016

3.1 Directors Code of Conduct updated 21 June 2016

3.1 Securities Trading Policy 21 Jun 16

4.1 Audit and Risk Management Committee Terms of Reference updated June 16

5.1 Continuous Disclosure Policy updated 21 June 2016

6.2 Investor Relations program updated 21 June 2015


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